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CHEESE PLATE MITCHELL 12" x 12" x 1/2" Made in USA-SALE-

Current Price:225.00 USD
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***SALE*** EBAY ORDERS ONLY(Website price is $299 romanscinegear dot com) Priced below our website price.Fast Free PRIORITY shipping.MADE IN USA We just finished a production run of these plates.We marked them down for a special SPRING EBAY SALE. Details:-Our CNC Machined Mitchell Cheese Plate is 12" x 12” and ½” thick. -Countersunk hole pattern of 92 - 3/8" (10mm) mounting holes. -Its Mitchell center is compatible with any Mitchell based head. This is the same Mitchell Plate that is used on our “RCG Slider” Portable Dolly. Can also be used to make your own camera mounts. Includes 4 Holes on a 6" bolt circle for mounting a Hi-Hat riser. Specs: - 6061 Machined Aluminum- 3/8” Counter Sunk Hole Pattern- Mitchell Center- Black Hard Anodize Finish - Four equally spaced 5/16" diameter holes to accept riser legs on a 6" diameter bolt circle Options: You can turn this plate into a Hi-Hat by adding our riser legs and our 7" mitchell riser top. -We offer compatible Riser Legs of any length. -We have adjustable height riser legs too. 6" to 9" and 12" to 21" Our website romanscinegear dot com has a complete line of items .

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