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Handmade Woven Friendship Bracelets - Made In USA

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Handmade Woven Friendship Bracelets - Made In USA. Made out of 100% silky, bold, and smooth Anchor Cotton Embroidery Floss.

*Free Shipping Made Possible by Sending In an Envelope with a Stamp, so NO TRACKING NUMBER will be provided.*

I can also make you custom colors (choose 5 separate colors) or make you an anklet if you wish! Be sure to comment what letter bracelet you want or be specific about what color combination you want!

Example: 1. Pale Yellow 2. Light Lavender Purple 3. Bright Aqua Blue 3. Bold Orange 5. Off-White

I can also make bulk orders! If you need gifts for a bridal shower, birthday party, a school or team event, etc. reach out to me! :)

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