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Acoustic Guitar Stand, Solid Quality Woods.Made in USA. Free Shiping in the USA

Current Price:84.00 USD
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Note: This is the Original Style, NOT the New Series2 Style.

This is the best way to hold and display your guitar. These cradles are for people that love their instrument. At present, they work with guitars with a symmetrical bottom bout, including all typical acoustic guitars. If you have a model that you are not sure it will work, message me with details. They are not suitable for offset bottoms, V shaped guitars or bass guitars. These models are in process. Also custom variations upon request.

   The cradle gently allows your guitar to rest. It does not put any stress on the neck, resulting in your guitar staying in tune longer, and eliminating damage to the neck from the guitar weight leaning against it. The area behind the guitar is gracefully curved away to provide clearance, and it adds a touch of beauty as well. 

    The cradle allows an open visual experience. No ugly tubes or straps to detract from the beauty of the guitar.

We make many other types and sizes of stands for Electric Guitars, Basses, Banjos, Mandolins, Ukuleles and Amps. Just ask.

    Each cradle is shipped Ready to Assemble to save shipping cost. Easy assembly, screws and instrucions provided. You will need a #2 Phillips Screwdriver.

NOTE: If this stand will be used on carpet, or the guitar is top heavy, you may want to consider our Series 2 stands. They have less setback and are a heavier stand.

    This product is proudly handmade in Crestview, Florida, USA.

    Instruments NOT included.

All Cradles:
Species: Red Oak, Maple, White Ash, Clear Cedar, Knotty Cedar, Natural Cherry, Mahogany, American 
Walnut Wild Teak.
Dowel: May be matching species or similar substitute. 
Finish: Gloss Poly or Acrylic.
Pads: High Density Felt, Light Tan or Dark Brown.
Single Tier Acoustic guitar cradle = 3lb. 6oz., Size  12" H x 10" W x 10 1/2" L
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