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New Lycoming carburetor gasket p/n 60592 SL60592

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New Lycoming carburetor gasket p/n 60592 SL60592.

Fits the following engines, BUT CHECK YOUR PARTS MANUAL FIRST;

O-235-C1, O-235-C1B, O-235-C1C, O-235-C2A, O-235-C2C, O-235-F2A, O-235-F2B, O-235-H2C, O-235-J2A, O-235-K2A, O-235-K2B, O-235-K2C, O-235-L2A, O-235-L2C, O-235-M1, O-235-N2A, O-235-N2C, O-235-P2A, O-290-D, O-290-D2, O-290-D2B, O-290-D2C

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