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Wooden Toy M1 Garand Riffle (life-size), Hand Made in the USA

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Wooden Toy Riffle (life-size), Hand Made in the USA. Condition is New. Comes with a gloss lacquer. Black or brown paint, or no finish available, just message me. I'm making these by hand (not CNC machine like the others), one at a time in my wood shop out of 3/4 inch *plywood. See photos for scale. I started making these toys while on furlough during the pandemic. My kids and their friends LOVE these toys so much that I figured it was time to offer them for sale. For pretend play, I've found kids like simple toys the best. Extra bonus, there are no moving parts to break or fake gun noises to annoy parents.
This model is based on a replica of the service weapon US troops carried in World War 2.
Some people are buying these for decorations and props. They are sending me some really cool photos of their creations.
Please feel free to reach out with customization requests. I'm able to do just about anything.
*Note, I'm using plywood because it is more durable than raw wood. Raw wood will break along the grain. My kids have been throwing the same plywood toy guns around everyday for more than a year. If my toy gun breaks, I'll happily replace it.
Obviously, please take care that these toys are not mistaken for weapons. All toys will ship with an orange painted barrel tip per federal regulations. Thanks!

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