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Rocket Stoves, Hand Made In USA with High Quality Steel.

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These are hand made rocket stoves that are fabricated in the USA with USA produced steel. Made in Ferndale MD by a family owned small welding company. These stoves are built out of high quality carbon steel. The main bodies are 1/8” thick, the base plate is 1/4” thick and the grate are 1/2” thick. These stoves are designed to last a lifetime with the proper care and to not warp or burn through! Great for camping, hunting, fishing, cooking in the back yard, and much more! These stoves have also been tested and inspected independently by the park rangers department and has been declared safe for use outdoors and in the woods! Why spend money on a thin, cheaply built stove that will be burned up in a year when you can buy high quality, hand made in the USA stoves that also help support local small businesses!

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