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Designed, assembled and supported in the USA, the digital visual acuity system will give your practice the quality you deserve at a price you can afford. With a wide range of popular optotypes and specialized tests, compact hand held remote control, all driven by a quality micro pc that uses Android technology, the visual acuity system delivers quality at a great price. Not only do we offer quality at a low cost that our competitors can't match, but we also offer a lifetime warranty on the micro pc. If it ever fails to function properly, and we can't resolve the issue, just return the micro pc and we will replace it for $100.  

WE STAND BEHIND OUR SYSTEM! If you can find a similar, US made, system and warranty at a better price we'll not only match it, we'll take an additional 10% off their price. Not only do you get a great visual acuity system but you also get an entire computer system (Not just a programmed monitor) to upload any additional software. Our system provides quick access to charts and specialized tests, ease of installation, great warranty, all warranty work done in the USA, and best of all... a great price! 


  • Standard Optotypes 
  • Standard Snellen (Letter) Charts
  • Number Charts
  • Children's Chart 
  • E Chart
  • Contrast testing chart
  • Aux tests
  • Ability to upload patient education videos and information
  • Variable Display Options: Multiple and Single Lines, Single Character Isolation
  • Incremental Size
  • Character Randomization
  • Red / Green for All Optotypes
  • Mirrored Room Configuration
  • Snellen Ranges: 20/15 to 20/400
  • Calibration Distance: 8ft-25ft
  • Remote Control: gives access to all the above tests plus additional computer programs from anywhere in the room.
  • Wi-Fi capable
  • Easy install instructions
  • Monitor and mounting bracket are NOT included

International customers are responsible for any potential custom fees!

Customer review: Greenwich Ophthalmology, CT - "We are 1 of the largest ophthalmology practices in the northeast and we were so satisfied with our original 16 purchases of the visual acuity system that we recently purchased 7 more of them. They stand behind their system and even after 8 yrs they replaced our broken one for $100 dollars and had the new replacement delivered in a few days. Thanks again for a dependable, low cost product."

At Ophthalmech, Inc. we strive to meet our clients highest standards by placing integrity at the center of our corporation. We understand the importance of quality patient care at an affordable price. Feel free to visit us at Ophthalmech for discounted prices, no taxes, free shipping and additional products. 

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