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1930 Indian 101

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The immortal 101 Scout is one of Indian’s most enduring and successful designs, and it is often considered the most perfectly balanced motorcycle ever made. Their low center of gravity and perfect 50/50 weight distribution has made them the bike of choice for stunt and Wall of Death riders for 90 years. The Model 101 Scout was introduced in 1928, designed by Irish road racer Charles B. Franklin, who’d campaigned Indians exclusively in Ireland and on the Isle of Man since 1909. He led the successful 1-2-3 sweep in the 1911 Isle of Man TT, and carried on organizing factory-supported racers, in company with the Indian importer for the UK, Billy Wells. Franklin was also the Indian dealer for the Dublin area, and when Britain enacted protective trade tariffs in 1925, effectively raising the price of American motorcycles by 31 percent, Indian’s UK sales plummeted; Franklin was forced to close his sales depot and the Indian racing program in Britain and Europe was halted. Wells closed his UK import business, moved back to the U.S. and convinced the Indian board of directors to hire Franklin as its new chief engineer.


Franklin rewarded the factory’s largesse with the 101 Scout, a brilliant, new, compact and timeless design. Franklin lengthened the old 45 CI Scout’s wheelbase by three inches, increased the head angle and added trail, all the while still making the seat height two inches lower. A front brake was fitted for the first time, and this new medium-weight sports model was a huge success for the Springfield company, becoming its biggest seller and a legendary design.


This 1930 Indian 101 Scout was part of the MC Collection from Sweden, and it is the product of an older renovation completed in Denmark. It was acquired from a collector in Dalarna, Sweden, and it’s an excellent, correct restoration. The sale of this machine is an opportunity to own a legend from the Indian factory, a robust and easy-to-ride machine that’s been a whole lot of fun for over 90 years. Comes with Beautifully crafted handmade Leather quick release Saddlebags.  Engine # EGP148

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