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SELMER 1400 Made in USA - Bb Student Clarinet Overhauled & Ultrasonic Cleaned!!

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                                                          !!Free Accessories!!

Cleaned Polished Completely Overhauled   

Fully Sanitize!

SELMER 1400 or 1401 Bb Clarinet

 Overhauled (Refurbished)  

Condition are Overhauled plus Ultrasonic Cleaned and Fully SANITIZE!

Completely Overhaul (Refurbished) consists of the complete disassembly, (((Ultrasonic Cleaned))), Fully polished and Fully inspected,  all repairs as necessary, all new set of pads (Regular Pads or  VALENTINO  style Pad SET) All new corks(Natural Cork), reassemble and Play Tested, Fully return to service within the fits and limits specified by the manufacturer's overhaul data.  

(( All Clarinets are Double checked before shipping & sanitize sealed up))

Selmer 1400 or 1401 - Clarinet Overhauled 

NOTE  - (The Selmer Logo will very do to different stamps from Factory.)

( Mouthpeice Clean - sanitize & sealed up)

Free Accessories 

  (((( Free Accessories are available until Supplies last.  Free Accessories are not part of the purchase.)))

 Used Case - Repaired as best possible.

(Model may very (Cleaned up best possible. Note - cases have signs of wear, old, cracks and Damages)

Open for any questions just send a message.


                                                                                      Instruments are inspected by Certified NAPBIRT member.

                                                                                        Check out the Refurbishment process at my Youtube

                                                                             https://youtu.be/_ganisCQAFs         (note: not the same Instrument)


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