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Made in USA (2 Rolls) K-NGS E71T-GS .035 in. Dia 2lb. Gasless-Flux Core Wire

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K-NGS (AWS A5.20 E71T-GS)

  • Applications
Prefab building fabrication, tanks, ornamental iron, farm implement repairs and general fabrication.

  • Features
  1. Excellent operator appeal
  2. Vercatile
  3. Self-shielded
  4. Excellent bead appearance
  5. Excellent slag removal
  6. Easy to weld
  • Benefits
  1. Reduces welding fatigue for increased productivity
  2. Ideal for a variety of applications 
  3. No external shielding gas required
  4. Helps to ensure weld integrity and eliminate re-work
  5. Ideal for less skillful welders

  • Approvals

  • Current type
AC or DCEN(DC-).
* DC(-) is recommended

  • Base Materials
ASTM A36 Gr.all; A123; A179; A181 Gr.60, A266 Gr.1 
Applicable thickness of bast metal: 0.030 size: under 0.3", 0.35 size: under 0.5"

* more detailed specification will be included in shipping package.

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Company's Warranty Policy

     COMPANY'S LIMITED LIABILITY                                       

    We, KISWEL INC., can warrant all of customers (buyers) on our items that will be provided to you with merely non-defective and easy-to-use welding consumables. You can contact KISWEL INC by above phone number and make warranty claim, In case the goods you received failed within the warranty period. Original purchase price will be paid, otherwise refund or return per buyer's request.     

     WARRANTY PERIOD                                             

   All warranty periods start from the date of purchase form Kiswel or Kiswel authorized distributors, moreover from the date of manufacture if proof of purchase is not available and are as follows :                   

 1 YEARS              - All stick electrodes, welding tubular or solid wires and flux, self-shielded wires                    

 180 DAYS             - All items in drum pack        


     WARRANT COVERAGE                                        

The purchaser must contact a Kiswel authorized service facility. Final determination of warranty on welding wire will be made by Kiswel in USA. If the existence of a defect is being confirmed within the coverage of this warranty, the defect will be corrected by repair or replacement at the manufacturer's option. At manufacturer's request, the purchaser must return, to the facility, any "Product" claimed defective under Kiswel's warranty.               


     FREIGHT COSTS                      

Under no circumstances are any goods to be returned without prior to written authorization from Kiswel. The purchaser is responsible for shipment to and from the Kiswel authorized service facility. Goods must be returned within 30days of issuance of the RA.                                      


     RESTOCKING FEE                                   

 We reserve the right to charge a minimum 20% restocking fee for returned non-defective goods or any items which the buyer would have hard to sell due to losing their accounts.                                    


     WARRANTY LIMITATIONS                                 

 Kiswel's Liability under this warranty shall not exceed the cost of correcting the defect of the Kiswel Product. This warranty gives the purchaser specific legal rights. The purchaser may also have other rights which vary from state to state.                                            


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