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The“FIRE INSTIGATOR”🔥 100% Weatherproof Fire Starter Made In The USA🇺🇸

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Introducing the "FIRE INSTIGATOR", a top-quality fire starter kit that is 100% weatherproof and made in the USA. This product is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists alike, providing a reliable source of fire in any condition. Just shave or unwind strands and light. Make 50+ fires with one instigator.

Crafted with a blend of hemp, oil and wax, the "FIRE INSTIGATOR" is a lightweight and waterproof fire tender starter kit that is suitable for backpacking, hunting, bushcraft, emergencies, fireplaces, hiking, BBQ, campfire, fire pit, bugout, and camping. It features disposable and nontoxic tinder that is smokeless and odorless, making sure you can start a fire easily and safely. Southwest survival products are made right here in New Mexico in the great USA 🇺🇸. We are also veteran owned and operated. Check us out online at www.southwestsurvival.org or our other great products here on eBay.

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