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Uncle Goose Collectible Presidential Blocks 45 Embossed Wood Blocks Made In USA

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Description of this INCREDIBLE Wooden Block LEARNING SET -

Have fun for hours at a time, mixing blocks, stacking, playing Presidents in order of office, learning facts about each US President!

Memorizing the names, faces, and dates of all 44 United States Presidents is as easy as ABC!

Designed like the classic ABC blocks, each of these blocks represent another U.S. president.

On one side is a beautifully rendered portrait. Turn it once and you'll find the name and the years served printed in brilliant, raised lettering.

Turn it again and you'll find the birth and death dates, again and you'll find the political party information, again and you'll find the sequential number...

It's everything you need for building a vivid map of all the presidents in your head - There's even one block printed with the "Oath of Office" so aspiring future presidents can be sharp and ready for their big day!

Then... Carefully line up all the blocks inside the included wooden tray in perfect order and, amazingly - They connect and work together to build into a vibrant American Flag.

Patriotism has never been so beautiful!

Meanwhile, all of the blocks are made of sustainable Michigan basswood with superb craftsmanship right here, of course, in the United States of America.

Fill your head with a learning experience as wonderful as the nation it represents with the Uncle Goose Presidential Blocks.

Uncle Goose Presidential Blocks

Set of 45 wooden blocks printed with names, dates, portraits, and information on all 44 U.S. presidents

Encourages memorization skills, patriotism, an interest in U.S. history.

Blocks feature portrait, name, length of term, birth/death dates, sequential number, political party info, part of American Flag

One block printed with "Oath of Office" - Prepare for your big day in the Oval Office!

All blocks fit snugly inside included wooden tray - Line them up in order to build vivid image of American Flag

Includes wooden tray, 45 Presidential Blocks. 10.5" x 17.25"

Blocks each measure 1.75 x 1.75 x 1.75 inches

Made entirely from high-quality, sustainable Michigan basswood

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.

Mint condition: none missing. Please see all photos as part of the description condition and for measurements.

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