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Gayla BABY BAT Kite 42X22 in THE Delta Keel Guided Easy to Fly Kite Made in USA!

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Gayla BABY BAT Kite 42 inch X 22 inch "THE" Delta Keel Guided Easy to Fly Kite

If you are a product of the 60's you know what a Bat Kite is. I was born in 1964. The Bat Kite came out in 1967. I believe the first place I saw a Bat Kite was at the local S. S. Kresge Store downtown or at the local K-Mart. I know my brothers and I begged for one each. Not likely we got them right away, but eventually we did. Oh my gosh these are THE greatest kites! They can be put together with such ease. Just prop the stick between the sides, tie on the string and up up and away you go. This patented stealthy well balanced Delta Kite can be flown normal and it stays in position nicely. If you pull back hard the kite will dive to one side or the other. Eventually you can control what way you want to dive. If  you are flying next to another Baby Bat you can actually have Dog Fights! But if you plan to do dives and have dog fights, you better buy a few. LMAO! You can and will eventually break the string, bust the kite up, tangle with the other kite, or end up in a tree. However if you treat your Baby Bat nice, it will last. I've had them up to 1,000 feet up. Any way enough from me. If you are looking for a kite to have fast easy fun on a light breeze day. I'd go this route, but obviously I'm bias, this kite is old school for me. Brings back many very fond memories of warm days from the early 70's.

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String/Twine Sold Separately.

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