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1989 Peavey Dyna Bass 4 made in USA Super Ferrite pickups

Current Price:260.00 USD
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Hello and Welcome
Here is my 1989 Peavey Dyna Bass made in USA.
It is a shell of it's former self, but still a rock solid USA made bass guitar ready to rock and it's waiting... for YOU. 

- 1989 Peavey Dyna Bass made in USA
- Solid maple body, and hard rock maple rosewood 21 fret neck
- 9v Active 2 band EQ with Volume, Blend, Bass, Treble. 
Super punchy and responsive.
- Peavey SUPER FERRITE pickups. Totally classic, highly sought after pickups. If anything, buy the bass just to use the parts. 
- Someone painted over the headstock, so I added a carbon fiber vinyl wrap and matching pickup covers.
- No real rear cover, just a temp but totally serves it's purpose. 
- New strings and set up. Has some string buzz somewhere near the nut, but the action is low and it plays great. 
Once you plug it in you can't even notice it. It's just when you play it unplugged, but I want to be transparent about everything. I hate surprises as much as you do !!!!!!! Honesty is best.

I figure it's a $250 dollar bass, so the asking price covers fees. Try getting a USA made bass with 
40 year old aged wood for this price !!!

- I ship same day as long as it's during business hours on Pacific Standard Time (California) . 
All sales final, no returns. I am NOT a retailer, just a player like you who uses Ebay as a national Craigslist, just like you do, too. 

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