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Univex Mercury Camera Model CC 1938 & Auxiliary Finder Made in USA S/N 001469

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The Univex Mercury is a half-frame viewfinder camera with a rotary disc shutter. The pre-war Mercury cameras use special Univex 35mm roll film, while the post-war Mercury II cameras accept standard 35mm cassettes. The camera was introduced in 1938.

The Universal Camera Corporation found great success in the early/mid 1930s by selling very inexpensive cameras.

In October of 1938, the release of the Univex Mercury (Model CC) was made to compete with the high end imported cameras. Cast from an aluminum alloy and covered with leather, the Mercury was not only unlike anything Universal had offered before, it was actually a revolutionary achievement.

Important features worth noting include the unique rotary shutter (responsible for the circular protrusion on top of the camera), capable of extremely accurate speeds up to 1/1000th of a second. Additionally, the Mercury was the first camera to have internal flash synchronization triggered by direct contact with the foot of the flash unit, known today as the hot shoe.

The first Mercury uses Univex 200-series roll film. This is 35mm film on a special geared spool, sold without a paper leader, backing paper, or even a wrapping inside the box. Note that the film advance mechanism requires the special Univex geared spool in order to operate.

Early versions of the Mercury include only a blank leather cover on the rear of the shutter disc extension on top of the camera. Note that the original series of cameras were always only identified as the "Mercury" by the company. Following the introduction of the Mercury II after World War II, the original series of cameras has now come to be referred to as the "Mercury I" series, although it was never referred to as such by the company.

Type: viewfinder camera (accessory uncoupled rangefinder available)

Year of launch: 1938 (Model CC-1500 launched in 1939)

Film: Univex #200-series film, for 65 half-frame (18×24mm) exposures

Construction: Aluminum alloy

Viewfinder: Galilean type optical finder

Available Lenses: Tricor f/2.7 35mm, Tricor f/3.5 35mm, Hexar f/2.0 35mm, others: 75mm, 125mm

Shutter: Rotary metal focal plane shutter with speeds T,B,1/20 - 1/1000sec (1/20 - 1/1500 on Model CC-1500) plus F hot synch

Dimensions: 138×88×60mm

Weight: 530g

Univex Mercury Camera Model CC Early 1938 & Auxiliary Finder Made in USA S/N 001469

Includes the camera, 2 geared film spools, auxiliary finder and case(case came apart at one of the seam folds)

The shutter works but the gearing did not turn the film spool, not sure how it works

Camera has wear, scratches from use and storage

Display Piece, Sold As Is, Not Working etc

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