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Large Format Wooden Puzzle Made in USA by FoxSmartBox -205 Pieces - Miranda

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Large Format Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles by FoxSmartBox™ are specially designed to have larger pieces than the standard jigsaw size.  It is filled with whimsical and random pieces, all of which are unique. The larger pieces are easy to see and handle. Adults with limited vision or dexterity, and seniors can still enjoy the beautiful designs and unique challenges of 1/4" thick wooden jigsaw puzzles.

🧩 205 Pieces
🖼️ Completed size 17.5" x 12.5" (444 x 318 mm)
🎁 Original, premium quality magnetic closure gift box.
✔️ Cardboard template to guide assembly.

🎨 Inspiration Point: Miranda was created by John William Waterhouse in Romanticism style. Miranda looks on as a ship is sliced in two by the powerful waves that thrust it into the rocks. Her own attire is also swilling around in the wind although she still manages to appear elegant and calm. The perfect gift for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts with plenty of ocean-themed unique cut details.

  • 🏆 Premium Quality. We use 1/4" thick FSC certified plywood, which provides an amazing tactile experience. Fine art, archival quality paper, and inks to create a beautiful, clear, and crisp image. Made to last for years to come.
  • 👪 Ideal for Seniors. Large pieces that are easier to pick up and place while maintaining an appropriate level of challenge are ideal for seniors. Each one of these jigsaw puzzles is made with aging hands and eyes in mind. These puzzles help with bonding, therapy, and prolonging mental activity, making them highly revered by doctors and therapists alike.
  • 🧩 Whimsical Pieces. Each jigsaw puzzle contains dozens of hand-drawn, uniquely shaped pieces, called "whimsies". Whimsies are designed by artists and crafted to match the theme of the puzzle and tell a story. Each puzzle is different!
  • 🎁 Thoughtful gift. The puzzle comes in a beautiful, bright gift box, a "present ready" immediately upon delivery. Unique gift for Christmas, New Year, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, Valentine's Day or just to make any day joyful and bright.
  •  Collectable. The size of the box is designed to conveniently stock your collection upon the bookshelf. We also included an additional sticker, so you can mark the side of the box by your preference, depends how you want to keep and display your puzzles' collection.
  • 🗽 Proudly made in the USA.

FoxSmartBox™ - California-based manufacturer specializing in premium quality wooden jigsaw puzzles for Adults and Teens.

Sophisticated elements, cut with a high-precision laser, seamlessly slide together into colorful art, making it oddly satisfying to put a wooden piece in place. Each jigsaw puzzle contains dozens of hand-drawn uniquely shaped pieces, called "whimsies". Whimsies are designed by artists and crafted to match the theme of the puzzle and tell a story. The intricately cut wooden puzzle will challenge a puzzler and provide hours of enjoyment.

Every puzzle is a small world with its own story inside. Immerse yourself in this colorful world, take a close look at the details and stories, it never gets old and can be done time and again. Enjoy the "puzzling" time, random laser-cut and whimsical pieces make this wooden jigsaw puzzle even more challenging than traditional classic puzzles. Optionally when your puzzle is completed, you can display it as a classy decoration. Wooden puzzles are designed to be collectible and last for years to come.

FoxSmartBox™ wood jigsaw puzzles are meant to be played like a board game. Colorful Art combined with unique artwork design turns it into an ideal puzzle gift, a precious puzzle artifact. There are various styles the jigsaw puzzle can be designed, depending on the theme of art: traditional puzzle, historic design puzzle, Victorian-style puzzle, contemporary cut, nautilus spiral pattern puzzle, mosaic puzzle.

Puzzling supports mental health and helps to keep your mind sharp, it takes so much focus to put the whole puzzle together, that you may get into a meditative state. Immerse yourself into a magical atmosphere of peace and art.

All of our jigsaw puzzles are made in the USA.

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