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Vintage Levi's 501xx Jeans 36x32 Made in USA Blue Medium Wash Button Fly 90s

Current Price:95.95 USD
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Measurements are in photos and in item specifics.

Item Specifics:

Size:  Manufacturer tag size.

Waist Size:  Measured size by me.

Inseam:  Measured size by me.

Description of Photos:

Image 1:  Closure of jeans (whether it is button fly or zip).

Image 2:  Full front of the jeans.

Image 3:  Condition of leg openings.

Image 4:  Full back of the jeans.

Image 5:  Condition of back pockets and seams of bottom.

Image 6:  Back brand tag, if present.

Image 7:  Hip width and rise measurement

Image 8:  Sizing tags and material.

Image 9:  Waist measurement.

Image 10:  Inseam and leg opening measurement.

Image 11 & 12:  Reserved for photos of blemishes.

Photos are subject to change depending on availability of tags or unnoticeable blemishes.

100% cotton denim often measures at smaller sizes than what the tag size states.  Cotton blend denim most often stretches to a larger measured size.  Please keep this in mind prior to purchasing.

I am a very experienced seller and aim to provide the best experience for all buyers.  If there are any questions, please reach out so I can help with anything you need answered.

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