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Antique J.Chein & Co. tin military truck (Made in USA)

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Antique J.Chein tin military truck in very good condition. Vehicle shows minimal wear and looks great. Truck is free of rust & damage. There are some light scratches and marks here & there. Truck is mostly free of paint chips. Painted finish looks fantastic. Toy does not appear to have been played with much. Truck rolls smoothly, but the tin wheels are wobbly. I think that may be the nature of tin toys, because I've never seen one that didn't have wobbly wheels. Axles are stiff & straight. Also, one of the front wheels has fallen off end of axle a few times. The crimped end of axle needs re-crimped. Truck measures approx. 8" long x 4" tall. Toy is guaranteed to arrive in described condition. Please inspect upon receiving and notify me directly if there are any issues. Truck will be packaged securely.

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