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(22) Vintage Barclay cast metal toy soldiers (Made in USA)

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(22) Vintage Barclay cast metal toy soldiers in varied condition. Some of these soldiers are in fantastic condition, while some show moderate to heavy wear. Please refer to photos for details. The last pic shows selected soldiers I felt were in the best condition. All soldiers have some chipped paint, some more than others. I didn't see any damage or breakage; however, five soldiers (photo #9) are missing their helmets. The helmets are included, just not attached. All of these soldiers appear to be from the same manufacturer, but they are not all marked. Some are stamped 'Barclay' but many are not marked, or the markings are not visible. Also included in this lot is a stretcher for the wounded soldier. Stretcher is fully intact and in good shape. There is a toy part included (silver spoked piece) that appears to be broken. It is stamped 'Barclay' so I threw it in. I don't know what it goes to. Soldiers all appear to have original paint. I didn't see any that looked to have been repainted.
  Toy soldiers are guaranteed to arrive in described condition. Please inspect upon receiving and notify me directly if there are any issues. Soldiers will be wrapped individually & securely for shipment.

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