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Marine Corps MCMAP Belts - USMC Utility Belt - Military Issue - Made in USA

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Official Marine Corps Belts - USMC MCMAP Utility Belts - Military Issue - Made in USA

Our Marine Corps MCMAP Belt  is a 1-3/4 inch wide nylon utility belt and has a black D-type buckle with a locking bar. This is the same belt you would find on base at the exchange. The tip end of the belt should pass through the buckle, feeding the back around the locking bar to the wearer’s left, with the belt -end extending 4 to 8 inches beyond the buckle. The USMC Marine Corps Martial Arts Belt (MCMAP) is worn with the Utility Uniform. Made in USA.


  • U.S. Marine Corps MCMAP Belts
  • Government Issue (GI) – (These are the same belts that are used by active duty Marines)
  • Nylon Utility Belt
  • Made from strong lightweight material.
  • Colors: Tan, Gray, Green, Brown, Black
  • Military BDU Belt
  • Made in USA.
Please Be Advised: These belts are measured in inches; this may not be the same as your pant size. For the best fit you should measure your waist. 

Sizing: Marine Corps Uniform Regulations state that belt should extend 4-8 inches beyond the buckle. These belts can be cut to desired length if needed.

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