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Electric Guitar, Hand Made in USA, Good Pups, Bridge, Tuners and Guts, Bone Nut

Current Price:449.95 USD
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The Sawmill is a unique, new concept in a guitar, and ONLY available from Les Brers Guitars.

Sawmill is a relic guitar but it is also a theme guitar--designed to evoke the look and feel of an old saw mill. The top shows visible kerfing, is rough and ready in appearance, yet smooth to the touch. The pine back is finished in a dark Kona gloss and hand distressed--to evoke images of old, charred wood. The Sawmill has a custom distressed pickguard and control plate, similarly designed to evoke images of a saw mill's old tin roof.

The neck is Canadian maple, with maple fingerboard, finished with our 20 step hand-rubbed oil finish. Frets are medium/"6105", and leveled, crowned and dressed. Nut slots have been cut to .0030" or less for maximum playability. The neck was attached with our Guide Hole Physics(TM) method to ensure the most secure pocket fit, and best sustain and ring.

From a component standpoint, the Sawmill is quality brand name only-- PureTone output jack, Wilkinson tuners, Bone nut, Alpha pots, 'orange drop' cap, Wilkinson Alnico V vintage Tele pickups, Wilkinson vintage bridge with compensated brass saddles--all components you'll never see in a guitar at this price!

The overall shape of the Sawmill #25 is nicely rounded, with slightly thinner lines than a vintage Tele. The Sawmill combines comfort, solid sustain and Telly tone with a saw mill aesthetic in a single, one-of-a-kind instrument. The feel is comfortable, and the sound of the Sawmill is pure, vintage Telly.

So what’s the Les Brers (pron. “lay brare”, it’s French) Guitars deal? How can we sell QUALITY guitars for these prices? Boils down to three things:

1.     Quality, proven parts--We’ve experimented with various parts from various manufacturers for years. This has lead to us sourcing parts that can be relied upon, at a price that fits our model of selling accessible, affordable guitars. You won’t find this caliber of hardware and components in “big-name” guitars at our price point. We employ this hardware at ALL critical points:

a.     Nut

b.     Tuners

c.     Pickups

d.     Bridge

e.     Electronics: Switch, pots and cap

f.       Output

2.     The Personal Touch--Complete Prep, Setup and Tweak on EVERY GUITAR:

a.     Neck adjustment

b.     Fret leveling

c.     Re-crowning

d.     Dressing

e.     Bridge saddle height

f.       Nut action

g.     Intonation.

h.     ALL Necks are finished in our proprietary, 20-step, hand rubbed oil finish—durable, sleek, and good playing.

i.        All cavities lined and pickup leads twisted to minimize noise and interference.

3.     And, the BIG SECRETWE ARE RETIRED AND DON’T NEED TO CHARGE A PENNY FOR OUR TIME/LABOR. So, we can sell stuff for $500 while others sell “comparable”—or less than comparable—instruments for $1,500, $2,000, whatever…

WHAT’S OUR JAM?:                                                                            

·       Every guitar is unique and can’t be found anywhere but Les Brers Guitars

·       Les Brers Guitars are made right near the shores of Jersey…in the USA

·       Every LBG guitar (well, almost every one) has the distinct headstock "B"-- for The Brothers ("Les Brers" in French) and Barbara, our Mom (Hi Mom)

Bottom Line: We play guitar. We know. It’s tough to think of buying a guitar from some yahoos online without touching it and playing it, right? We get it. That’s exactly why we offer the guarantees below:

---The Unique Les Brers Guitars Double Your Money Value Guarantee: We are so convinced you will find our guitars play like guitars twice their price or more, we make you the following bold guarantee: If you don’t think your Les Brers guitar plays like a guitar that’s twice its price, we will take it back and give you full refund (conditions apply). 

---Les Brers Guitars Satisfaction Guarantee: We want customers that are nothing but proud to play, and show, their one-of-a-kind Les Brers Guitars. If you are dissatisfied with your Les Brers guitar, contact us within 14 days of receipt and let us know why. We will work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied..

---Concerned about Shipping?: We have utilized USPS or FEDEX for many years now and have NEVER had an issue. Approaching one hundred times, at this point. Why? It’s because we know how to pack ‘em right.

---'Til death do us part...: When you buy one of our guitars you get our support and that’s FOR LIFE (OURS, that is!). As long as we're around, we would be happy to tweak, repair, and/or alter any of our guitars. Note that there may be charges associated with same, obviously.

---Why Do We Do It? We love guitar-Americana and rustic guitars. We set out to build guitars that are most rustic and vintage looking, BUT, are fully professional-level instruments. We really love being able to provide a quality instrument that is hand made in America for FAR lower than the kind of price you'd expect to pay for a big-name manufacturer's American made guitar with the same caliber of components. The big-name manufacturers can make an aesthetically awesome guitar for this kind of price point. You can buy a beautiful $500 guitar and sure, the finish is perfect. BUT, why does it not play and sound anywhere near as great as it looks? Simple: They don’t put the quality of components in it that we do. Nor do they spend a lot of time setting each one up and testing it extensively to ensure it’s the best playing and best sound one can get from that set of components. We DO. Do we make the best, or the most aesthetically perfect guitars? NO. But we do give you an instrument that 1) Is wonderfully rustic, one of a kind, and 2) plays well/sounds good enough for professional work, and, 3) is not going to make you go broke, and, 4) is MADE IN THE USA.

Being born and bred Jersey, we thusly conclude by saying—Like you should want more?!


Les Brers Guitars, LLC 

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