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Black Beard Fire Plugs Fire Starter - Fire Starting Tinder - Made in the USA

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Brand New in Sealed Retail bag, Black Beard Fire Plugs are an easy and convenient, must have fire tinder for every outdoor activity, home, vehicle, bug out bag and 72 Hour/Emergency Kit.

Black Beard Fire Plugs are for those who are interested in a lightweight, ultra compact fire starter but refuse to compromise on quality with a 30 year shelf life.

Each Bag of Black Beard Fire Plugs contains a total of 50 Fire Plugs the overall weight of the bag and its contents is 4.5 ounces or 128 grams. Each individual Fire Plug weighs a little under 0.1 ounces or about 2.6 grams. The size of the bag is 7"x5"

Directions For Use:

  1. Bend the plug back and forth twice.
  2. Work the Plug in a circular motion until it breaks into 2 pieces.
  3. Apply spark or flame to the frayed side of the Plug.
  4. Enjoy your warm fire! 

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