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Aircraft Engine Mounts P/N 94006-01 Fits Most Twin Cessnas (Set of 4)

Current Price:660.00 USD
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This listing is for a complete engine set of (4) mounts.

Barry Controls (Hutchinson) piston engine isolators for piston Lycoming and TCM aircraft/engine listed. These are brand new, and come with  8130-3 certification copy, FAA/PMA eligibility application sheets. Shipping is a flat rate $ 18.00 in the continental US.

Most of these specials are at least 35% off of wholesale prices, and stock on hand is very limited , and once they are sold out, they’ll be gone . Take advantage of 2005 prices in 2024.


Please see and review the application data below for fit/function for your aircraft (also in photo);

Barry Mounts 94006-01   


Cessna: 310 R,T310P, T310Q, 320D,E,F, 335, 340,340A,401, 402, A, B , 414, 414A (4per engine , 8 per AC) 

Mooney:  M20K. (231)  TSIO-360GB1. ,GB3,GB4  (4 per AC)

Piper :   Seneca II,III- PA-34-200T, PA-34-220T. Turbo Arrow II,III  PA28R-201T ( Seneca= 4 per engine , 8 per AC, Arrow =4 per AC) 

    •  Engine Model: TISO-520 EB, K, KB, E, J, JB, N, NB, TSIO-360F,FB

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