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Focal Point's Laser Align II for Darkroom Enlarger Made in USA Barely Used Works

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This is rare find laser alignment tool used for ZBE Professional Starlite 55 4 x 5 photographic darkroom enlarger, but you can use it to any 4x5 enlarger if you can find how to do adjustment for your unit. this laser align model ii appears to be barely used in excellent cosmetic condition and good working order. it comes with carrying case include manual instruction and all equipment. 

Good optical alignment is extremely important. If your enlarger is not in proper alignment, you will not be able to produce prints that are sharply focused. If the enlarger is in correct alignment, you will be able to open the lens aperture fairly wide and still focus across the entire plane of the image very sharply. It all depends on how accurate the alignment is.

This one made by Focal Point Industries, Inc. of Sanford, Florida. It uses a thin, red, laser beam and allows you to work with the room lights on. Its claim to fame is that it is almost idiot proof, and very accurate. You can easily use it even if you wear glasses and your eyesight is poor. It is super easy to use with all brands of enlargers.

The Laser Align sends a thin laser beam straight up from the easel. A front surface mirror is placed in the negative carrier and the lens is removed. The laser beam bounces off the mirror and is reflected back down to the Laser Align device. If the negative carrier is in proper alignment with the easel, the reflected laser beam will strike the Laser Align at the output port where it came from. However, if the negative carrier is not in perfect alignment with the easel, then the reflected laser beam will strike the round, white, target area that surrounds the output port. You then adjust the negative carrier until the laser beam strikes the output port.

Next, you replace the lens in the enlarger, and using a couple of rubber bands, affix the front surface mirror to the front of the lens. Again, the laser beam will strike the mirror and be reflected back to the Laser Align device. It will be easy to see if the lens is in alignment and make any corrections that might be needed.

Laser Align comes with the front surface mirrors, full instructions and even the rubber bands that are used to attach one of the mirrors to the front of the lens. The device will work with any brand of enlarger. Of course, you will have to consult your enlarger's Owner's Manual to find out where the nuts and bolts are located that control the adjustments. Every different brand and model are slightly different.

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