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Life Air Filter 14'' x 25'' Washable Eco Friendly HEPA Filter Made in the USA

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 14'' x 25''

  • Clean the air you breathe with less stress, less hassle, and more comfort

  • The LifeAir Filter works via electrostatic principles. As air passes through the filter, positively charged elements adhere to the custom made LifeAir fabric

  • Over 99% of all dust, viruses, allergens, fungus, single-celled organisms, bacteria, metals, and gaseous elements are positively charged. LifeAir Filters take advantage of this charge principle rather than simply trying to block contaminants via netting with smaller pores, meaning greater air flow in your house and longer lasting a/c units

  • Go Green. All materials used in LifeAir Filters are recyclable and save from disposing of hundreds or even thousands of cheap filters in a single lifetime ? saving our environment

  • DIRECTIONS: LifeAir Filters are reusable. Simply rinse off with ONLY water once per month, then let your filter dry before re-installing. It?s that simple

HYPOALLERGIC - Remove up to 99.9% of airborne pollutants. Keep your family breathing better and living healthier

LONGER LIFESPAN - LifeAir Filters are designed to last upwards of 50 years. You'll need a new air conditioning unit before you need a new filter

MADE IN THE USA BY PEOPLE WHO CARE - All LifeAir products are designed, developed, and made in the US. We proudly partner with local organizations like Thrive Upstate in the assembly of all of our filters

SIMPLE SETUP No hassle setup. Simply insert the LifeAir Filter in place of your standard filter. No extra steps or components needed

CLEAN DRY AND REUSE - Brush off large dust particles, rinse with water, and reuse. That's it!

GO GREEN AND CLEAN - All materials used in LifeAir Filters are recyclable and re-usable. Help do your part in saving the environment and your lungs

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