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CHASER10 lighting Chaser, animation 2-10 channels 5Amps @ 120 VAC Made in USA

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CHASER10 single pattern (1 ON, all OFF ) light Chase pattern 
Creates the illusion of motion.
Good for up to 10 steps animation of lighted characters.
Rated at 600 Watts per channel @ 120 VAC.
Speed adjustable from 30 steps per second to 1 step per second. 
Number of Channels is selectable by a plug in jumper.

Wiring manual : https://digitallighting.com/animationfolder/specs/manuals/CHASER10.pdf
2 years warranty. 
Made in USA  by Digital Lighting Systems, Inc  ( established 1978 )

Reliable light chaser; user selectable from 2 channels to 10 channels, used for lighting chase effects or up to ten setps characters animations. 
CHASER10 lighting chaser is practical for creating the illusion of movement for light outlined characters or for simple light chasing for marquee and other applications. It replaces electro mechanical lighting chasers. 

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