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1944 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead FL

Current Price:75000.00 USD
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 ◦ Located in Miami Florida 

 ◦ 1944 FL
 ◦ CLEAN TITLE on hand 
 ◦ Original factory matching belly numbers 
 ◦ Original factory vin stamp. 
   Original white paint on lifter blocks and oil pump 
 ◦ J.3 date on transmission
 ◦ Runs great. See video 
 ◦ Is currently in a 47 bullneck frame
 ◦ Also includes a 44 frame. Needs restoration 
 ◦ Includes all restoration parts with hallmarks
 ◦ OEM Harley Davidson taillight and glass
 ◦ OEM Cycle Ray headlight & glass 
 ◦ Excellent Harley Davidson fenders F&at
 ◦ Excellent 44 tanks 
 ◦ OEM tank badges 
 ◦ OEM 1944 speedo and dash 
 ◦ All correct hardware 
 ◦ 12v cycle electric generator and regulator. Made to imitate short 32E
 ◦ Oem 44 HD brake lever, cable and housing. 
 ◦ Original paint KH wheels
 ◦ Original Goodyear gator back tires made in Alabama with flag 
 ◦ STD 1941 date FL knuckle cylinders included. 
 ◦ Original 1944 handlebar control cables included. 
 ◦ Toolbox included
 ◦ Star hubs with recessed grease nipple. (Although I think 43 was last year for this) included. 
 ◦ Oem HD horn and brackets included
 ◦ Battery top and rods included 
 ◦ Correct cloth covered wire harness 
 ◦ Handle bar pins and rollers included 
 ◦ Misc Colony hardware included 

 ◦ Sold as is
 ◦ Buyer is responsible for shipping and insurance after purchase. 

 ◦ Note in some pictures there is a handlebar throttle and cable laying on the ground. I used this to get the bike started. I didn’t have the oem throtlle parts at the time. This throttle is no longer attached to the motorcycle. The handlebars are now complete and working. 

◦ This is my personal motorcycle and I have owned it for years   
◦ The 44 frame is not available separately   ◦ springer steering dampener is included   
◦ New primary chain  
◦ New clutch, both steel and friction plates   ◦
3 original HD hard oil lines now installed. No reproduction 
 ◦ Rh fuel tank needs threads repaired at crossover nipple   
◦ The 47 frame has speedometer mount replaced. It is welded on crooked and needs replaced. Other than that it is a very good frame.   
◦ I have not ridden this motorcycle as is   ◦ This motorcycle is only “mocked up” to demonstrate it is complete and running. It needs gone over: grease wheels , tightening bolts, adjusting things, loctite & etc.

The gold motor mount bolts have been replaced with colony hardware

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