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TinkerToys vintage wooden - Made in USA 1964 Extra Pieces Tons of Fun!!

Current Price:29.99 USD
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Tinker Toys vintage wooden - made in USA 1964.

TinkerToys with Box, No Lid

There are extra pieces and counted as shown below

This is a four pound ship, running around $12-15

All pieces separated and placed in bags to ship safely

Box without top 1

Purple Sticks 13

Green Sticks 21

Red Sticks 29

Blue Sticks 36

Yellow Sticks 50

Orange Sticks 67

Large Orange Connector Plastic 8

Small Orange Connector Plastic 2

Wooden Connector 2

Orange Small Circle Plastic 7

Orange Ends Plastic 7

Red End Caps Plastic 6

Flippers 5

Large Orange Wheel w/ Wooden Center 1

Large Single Whole Circle 8

Small Many Holes Circle 11

These were counted and checked to make sure no broken pieces were added to keep your child safe!

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