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Made In USA Gloss Black Pickguard for Epiphone Thunderbird Bass OPTION 1 +Decal

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Please reference the measurements photo, I have clearly pointed out and measured the details that make this guard stand out from the other styles. There are AT LEAST 5 different pickguards that we know of for the Epiphone Thunderbird bass, None are cross compatible so if you don't actually take the time to measure your pickguard or screw holes, your chances are 20% or less that you're going to get a guard that fits.

This does NOT fit on any other model, brand or year-including Gibson Thunderbirds. If you have any compatibility questions just ask.

Single Ply Glass Black pickguard made to fit OPTION 1 Epiphone Thunderbird basses. There are at least five different versions of Epiphone Thunderbird guards that are not cross compatible so it is important that you use the measurements photo in this listing to compare. It includes a pre-applied gold vinyl decal.We also have chrome and red, if you want something other than gold please message us with your order. If we don't hear from you when you order it will ship with a GOLD decal.

We are an Authorized WD Music Products Dealer; all of our WD Products are 100% NEW! and IN STOCK! No Waiting! Contact us for custom pickguard orders!

The Fine Print

Choosing The Correct Part: I cannot stress this enough --> Please use due diligence when selecting a pickguard, truss rod cover or back plate for your guitar or bass. There is very little cross compatibility in this industry. It is extremely important to read descriptions, ask questions, look at all the photos, and when a measurement photo is provided, it should be referred to. Don't be lazy or you're going to end up with a part that doesn't fit. Just because something looks like it fits does not mean it will. And while we do accept returns, the only one who really wins when that happens is the United States Postal Service.

Returns & Exchanges: If you need to return your item, or are interested in doing an exchange please contact us before starting a return through the platform's return service. Once you start a return it's often difficult or impossible to do an exchange. Returns may be subject to a restocking charge of our cost of the original shipping if it's obvious you just didn't read the details or failed to use any due diligence when ordering.

Expedited Shipping Charges: On any listings with an expedited shipping option available please note that any expedited shipping charge upgrades the customer chooses are non refundable. For any reason.

Customer Service: We are committed to making your experience a positive one, and promise to take the time to focus on a resolution if you have any problems, so please message us through this platform's messaging system or better yet give us a call any time between 9AM-4PM MST Monday thru Friday. We prefer phone calls to messages. Our phone number can be found in our logo graphic included in this listing's photos. Hostile environments are created when you open a case or claim against us without contacting us first, or send us rude or demanding communications. When this happens, don't expect us to respond or continue to be helpful. So be nice, and we'll be nice. Also, we take pride in our feedback; any negative feedback or threats thereof will be met with a permanent ban.

               Lost packages:  If the USPS scans a package as delivered, we consider it delivered. If you can't find it or suspect it was accidentally delivered to a different address, that's between you and your carrier, and you need to address the issue with them, not us. We do not offer refunds or replacements for packages that show "delivered" on the tracking. Pickguards may not fit in your standard sized mailbox, so the carrier may set it next to your mailbox or in some other location like your front door or porch, so if you are worried about the safety of your delivered package, you may want to stay on top of the tracking and be there when it arrives or ask a neighbor to grab it for you.  If the USPS actually loses the package, we will ship you a replacement.

Our Story: We are an independent family run business based in Boise, ID. Our ultimate goal is to provide difficult (and virtually impossible) to source musical instrument parts to players, collectors, and restoration specialists worldwide. I'm an avid player, collector and builder/repairman/restoration guy myself; I apprenticed under "Luthier To The Stars" John Bolin (Billy Gibbons, Steve Miller, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, etc) back in the early 1980's. I've spent the last 4 decades doing a lot of repair and restoration work. My biggest gripe was always having to fabricate my own plastic parts to replace broken, shrunken or missing pickguards, truss rod covers, back plates, etc. I always wished somebody would eventually come along and start a business specializing in this kind of stuff, but nobody ever did. So in 2015 I decided to do it myself. And I quickly discovered exactly why nobody had successfully done it before - it's a time suck of galactic proportions, and an expensive one at that. In the last 8 years we've spent inordinate amounts of money (and time) acquiring hundreds of original vintage plastic parts, sometimes borrowing, sometimes working with customers to design replacements for impossible to find parts. It's rewarding, frustrating and a lot of hard work, but I love it, and I love my customers. Nothing brings me more joy than customers sending me photos of their completed projects. I'm fully committed to making sure my customers are happy with their purchases, and understand the importance of incredible customer service. And I'll ALWAYS make time to answer questions or talk shop, so give us a call Mon-Fri 9AM-4PM MST! (Our phone number is stealthily located in our logo photo included in each listing)

 Please note: All new WD Pickguards are returnable UNTIL you peel off the plastic or stickers. Please be certain of fit BEFORE you do any peeling.

International Shipping: All International Shipping is at the buyers risk, we have agreed to ship to our International friends but we aren't able to contact foreign postal services to inquire about tracking packages or address or customs issues, and all international shipping fees are non-refundable.

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