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2003 Harley-Davidson Touring

Current Price:3500.00 USD
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(1) Front and rear lighting. 

(2) Electronic big game whistle. 

(3) Two detachable windshilds. 

(4) Custom passenger adjustable foot pegs. 

(5) All original equipment boxed & available, such as stock pipes & full original seat system. 

(6) Mellow Vansin Hines pipes - not obnoxiously loud. 

(7) Cruise Control.

(8) Custom BAMR license plate.

(9) Detachable passenger seat with backrest. 

(10) Detachable tour trunk. 

(11) Luggage rack. (12) Standard detachable backrest. 

(13) Mustang seats front and back with superior wrap-a-round arm rest for passenger.

(14) Kickstand extender.

(15) Cell phone handlebar holder. 

(16) Battery charging connection.

(17) Custom front pegs.

(18) Badges = 100 Year Anniversary & Peace Officer Special Edition. 

(19) Cramp Buster throttle accessory. 

(20) Good looking clock is accurate twice a day. Either needs new battery or is no longer functional.

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