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Cessna Baggage Door Latch Repair Kit Spring S1359-7, 8 & 9. MADE IN THE USA

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This spring kit was put together by my father, Galen L. Hanselman, a backcountry pilot and guide book author. He was the first to offer such a common parts kit for the older Cessna airplanes. Since then, there have been many imitations, some of which were even customers who bought his kits and copied them. They have also undercut his prices along the way. My father passed away in 2020 but his legend lives on. I'm selling the spring kits he made and his guide books for backcountry flying. Buy the original here and check out his book offerings: www.flyidaho.com 
Thanks for looking. - Marc Hanselman

This is a repair kit for a Cessna baggage door latch S1359-7S1359-8 & S1359-9 This latch was used in 1971 s/n 18260446 through 1979 s/n 18267367 Cessna 182s and some C-172s, C-177s and C-210s. The spring in these latches was the weak part, but SURPRISE, Cessna doesn't offer a spring replacement.  They do, however, offer a complete latch assembly with a list price of $2020.00. Yingling discounts the price to $1425.04. Repair can be done by anyone reasonably handy with a pair of dikes and a screwdriver. 

(Buyers have reported that this repair kit works in other models of Cessnas. Take a good look at the pictures. If it looks similar to yours, it's likely the same spring. If it doesn't fit, send it back and I'll promptly refund your purchase price.)

1.) remove the latch
2.) observe the placement of the broken spring
3.) snip the two stainless steel rods with the dikes
4.) insert the new spring
5.) secure with the stainless steel screws and nuts
6.) replace the latch mechanism

The kit consists of a new double torsion spring, two stainless steel screws and two stainless steel self locking nuts.

Congratulations! 30 minutes of your time just saved you $1970.00. Go flying and have some fun.

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