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JBE Pickups (Joe Barden) Modern T Set for Fender Tele Telecaster (Made in USA)

Current Price:293.95 USD
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JBE Pickups (Joe Barden Engineering) Modern T Set for Telecaster Brand New Made in USA

This listing is for a black set. If you would like a white or ivory set, please shoot me an email after ordering.

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The dual blade Gatton T-Style Pickups, originally designed for country legend Danny Gatton, created a new class of high-end, replacement pickups.  The tone of these pickups can be described as absolutely vintage in character, but with greatly expanded fidelity.  Lows, mids, and highs are balanced and the dual-coil design offers noise-free performance. The Modern T-Style bridge pickup is a variant of the Gatton pickup for modern country and rock players who need a fatter tone in the bridge without sacrificing Tele vibe and performance. The T-Neck pickup is the same pickup used in both the Gatton or Modern T-Style sets and is remarkable in that it can be adjusted so that its output is actually equal to the bridge pickup. No more huge output differences between the bridge and neck pickups.  While these pickups can be adjusted to exceed the output level of stock pickups, the authentic Tele twang and snap is always maintained.  Both the Gatton and Modern bridge features our unique “staggered-blade” design, ensuring balanced response on the outer strings.  These pickups are the best imaginable for the instrument that originally defined the solid body electric guitar.

JBE T-Style pickups fit standard Tele body routs and require no modifications to the instrument.  All T-Style pickups use high-quality 4 conductor shielded cable and are supplied with treble bleed and tone capacitors, mounting hardware and wiring diagrams.

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