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Piper PA28, PA32, PA34 Replacement Cupholder Arm Rest Set, Replaces P/N 66710

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Replacement armrests for Piper aircraft. Throw away your ashtrays and replace them with cupholders! Our custom design is made of lightweight, durable PETG. These drop-in replacement arm rests are guaranteed to fit your plane and even your old pads with nothing more than a Phillips head screwdriver. Easily sanded and painted to match your plane with any paint that bonds to plastic, such as Rustoleum or Krylon (not included).
Please note, eBay doesn't allow a color picker for this category. Please look at the picture of our most popular colors and add your desired color to the order notes, or message us after the sale with your choice. If you need a different color, please message us prior to your purchase.

• Replaces P/Ns 66003, 66710, 66763, and 763 003
• Compatible Piper models: PA28 Cherokee, PA28-140 Cherokee, PA28 Warrior, PA28-235 Dakota, PA28R Arrow, PA32 Cherokee Six*, PA32R Saratoga, PA32RT-300 Lance II, PA34 Seneca, PA44 Seminole
• The OEM arm rest is shown in the main picture for comparison and is not included.
• This listing is for two (2) arm rests: one left, one right.
• The cupholder insert has a 2.75" inner diameter (ID), perfect for a 12oz soda.
• Custom design replaces ash tray with cup holder (stainless steel cupholder insert included)
• Mounting bolts are not included, but you can re-use your original bolts!
• Designed and manufactured by Impadov in the USA, with state of the art FDM technology.
• Made out of industrial-grade PETG plastic with a minimum ignition temperature of 849° F (454 °C) per ASTM E659, and a melting temperature of approximately 500° F (260° C).
• We proudly stand behind our products.

Please note that there may be minor cosmetic blemishes on the underside of the part from the 3D printing process. They do not affect the durability of the armrest, and are invisible once installed.

*Note for Cherokee 6 owners: Piper started using the box-style armrest on the PA-32-260 with serial numbers 32-1111 and up, and on the PA-32-300 with serial numbers 32-40566 and up. The armrests for sale are not compatible with earlier serial numbers as they use a different pan-style armrest.

Cupholder may prohibit full range of yoke motion on untested aircraft.

The aircraft parts you are purchasing or receiving, unless stated otherwise on ad, may not be in compliance with applicable Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements. Buyer takes sole responsibility for determining suitability and airworthiness of part installation.

PA-28 Cherokee
PA-28-140 Cherokee
PA-28 Warrior
PA-28-235 Cherokee
PA-28R Arrow
PA-28R-300 Pillán
PA-32 Cherokee Six
PA-32R Lance
PA-32RT-300 Lance II
PA-34 Seneca
PA-44 Seminole

PA28 Cherokee
PA28-140 Cherokee
PA28 Warrior
PA28-235 Dakota
PA28R Arrow
PA28R-300 Pillan
PA32 Cherokee Six
PA32R Saratoga
PA32RT-300 Lance II
PA34 Seneca
PA44 Seminole

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