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80’s Carvin Double Neck Bass Combo, Made In USA

Current Price:650.00 USD
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Bought and owned by my Late Best Friend and Guitar Player since the 80’s. Probably the most interesting Guitar Bass setup I’ve ever seen. He only played twice with me with it over the last 30 years of our friendship. I thought back then that it sounded good and looked Awesome. Went to an expert and he said definitely Carvin. Told the Pickups were Carvin Select EMG. There’s Gibson, Fender and Goton on this Double Neck and I don’t know what else. Not very many made and this one is not only rare but definitely a one of a kind. I’m selling it for less than I see them selling for but with me it’ll sit on the wall and never ever get played (I’m a Drummer). Comes with the Case it’s been in for about 40 years (shown in Picture). I lowered the price so someone will play it, enjoy it and use it as an Awesome conversational piece for remembering the time when things were still made in America and Rock and Roll ruled. Go 80’s and the Mullet!

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