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Original Made In USA Fingerstyle Guitar(4 Picks) Butterfly Finger Picks WThumb

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These are the original Butterfly Finger Picks I invented and make in the United States. Please be aware that other picks being sold as Butterfly Finger Picks are not the same, and will not give you the same fit and performance these do. Thank you sincerely for buying original Butterfly Finger Picks!
"I love the sound the strings make. So clean and smooth." –Jean in New Jersey
Butterfly Finger Picks:
-your playing sounds better
-your guitar sounds better
-are easy to use
-they don't squeeze your fingers
-play comfortably for hours
-play without long finger nails
-for nylon and metal strings
-feel the strings while playing
-pick smoothly
-easily control volume
-protect your skin and nails while playing
-leave on while adjusting guitar, music, etc.
-are pretty on your hand
-are sizable
These Butterfly Finger Picks are made from tarnish resistant copper in three colors--gold, silver, and copper. 
You will receive gold unless you specify you would like silver or copper in a message through Ebay or PayPal when you order.
Each order contains three finger picks and one thumb pick and a protective storage container.
Three and four pick, normal size sets are offered on eBay, which is what most people purchase. If you only want three finger picks, please see the Butterfly Finger Picks (3 Picks) eBay listing in my store. 
You will receive normal size picks, which fit most adults. Normal size is about 16-20 mm measured across the last knuckle of each finger.
If you want small or large pick sizes, or a different number of picks than what is offered on eBay, you must purchase directly through the Butterfly Finger Picks website where custom quantities and sizes for each finger can be easily specified. The website also offers coated picks that dampen excess string noise on very resonant guitars. 
When you purchase, you will be emailed a link to the  instructions on the Butterfly Finger Picks website so you will know how to fit and play your picks properly when they arrive. If you have questions, please contact me for assistance.

Note: These picks are designed for normal fingerstyle playing in which fingers pluck the strings towards the palm. The thumb pick can do brush strokes when needed, but the picks are not designed for up and down strumming.

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